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Soul Card Readings

Soul cards are like the tarot in that they contain various images upon which to focus in aid to attuning to the requested information. Such may be in response to a particular question or to a desire to receive a message which is “whatever God or the Universe wishes to tell me“. Thus, Soul Cards may used for any type of information. I say this as there are some people who desire the use of one medium of inquiry while other require another.

For whatever purpose they are used, I will shuffle the cards and spread them face down. At that point the querent will select the cards of his or her choice for the reading. After the cards have been selected, I will lay aside any cards which seem to be trying to get into the chosen few, but are not selected by the querent.

(513) 861-1695
In Person At Show
  • $40 for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Audio recording of session included 
  • Also includes free crystal or stone
  • $30 for 15 minutes (may be controlled by show)
  • Audio recording of session included
  • Also includes free crystal or stone
Soul Card Reading

When this is done, I am ready to begin the reading. I will first give an assessment based on the number of cards drawn. This will be of particular importance when no specific question has been asked as the numerological significance will indicate a particular focus or area of concern for the reading. After this, I will give the information that I receive from each of the selected cards.  While some of the cards may appear, or even be, obvious as to what they portend, please be aware that the Soul Cards are a focus for my intuition. Thus, as they are “colored” by the energy of the querent, a card may have totally different meanings in juxtaposition with different cards or with different clients.

Another thing that I look for is the predominance of any particular color among the selected cards.  This gives me more information for the client. Such things as motivation or general state of mind or even a clue as to one’s mental and physical well being may be ascertained here.

After all this information is given, I will address the cards, if any, which I have laid aside for what they may offer in explanation or as an extra message. At this point questions may be raised for further clarification and, time permitting, for other information. Of course, questions may be asked at any time, but I would prefer to keep them at a minimum during the progress of the reading.


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