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Clairvoyance in Readings

Clairvoyance is a word that is much used and variously understood. Literally meaning clear sight, it denotes the ability to obtain information through other than the normal channels, generally in visions or pictures in the mind’s eye. These pictures may be true representations or images of persons, things or events to which they pertain; or they may be symbolic and in need of interpretation. Usually a person may speak of “seeing” that which he describes; however, one must be aware that the term clairvoyance has become something of a catch all expression. In addition to psychic sight, one may experience hearing (clairaudience), smell (clairsentience) and several other senses all of which tend to be lumped together under the more recognized term of clairvoyance. Thus it is often that a psychic may speak of seeing when he may actually be hearing, feeling, smelling or even tasting.

For a psychic, clairvoyance is one of the tools used in readings and guidance. While this includes visions in the mind’s eye, it may also include items which, while invisible to most people, may occupy some position in real time and space: including among others astral and spiritual entities and the inner bodies of people animals and plants. At times a very physical object may be seen to have other than the usual characteristics and so reveal hidden messages; or a sound or odor may impart information that would not normally be expected. Therefore, everyday sensory experiences might well be rich in the texture of awareness and grant more information than one would expect. This, in part, demonstrates how various tools and intuitional skills fall under the general heading of clairvoyance.

All this is to say that most of the work that I do as a psychic and healer employs clairvoyance. To begin with, I have generally styled myself as and “Intuitive Tarot” reader. This is to say that while I get very much information from the cards, their positions and relationships, I also receive other information to be included in a reading. Often I will hear voices or other sounds and see images of the client and other people in various situations; or I may see the energy of the card in relation to that of the client. And there are times when certain numbers, symbols or other parts of the cards will stand out to draw more attention. By these I may expand upon a reading for greater detail. This process is much the same when reading other cards such as the Soul Cards.

Similarly when using Moonstones, I will speak of the totems and qualities which they signify. However, as this will sometimes give but little information, I must then unveil a much larger picture. This picture often relates to specific events and situations in which these totems may be operating. And again, I will be getting other visions and information for or about the client.

At the end of a reading, time permitting, I generally ask the clients if he has other questions. And, even when these questions have no relation to the rest of the reading, I usually answer these questions clairvoyantly.

There are times when beginning a reading, the client asks a question or wishes to know about a particular topic, that things go differently than is usual for me. On these occasions, I may begin to talk while shuffling the cards or before turning them over. I may then forget about the cards altogether and speak from simple clairvoyance. This is to say that sometimes the client may appear to me as being energetically open in such a way that the information appears clearly visible in his energy field.

  1. Consciously or unconsciously, the client may be so invested in or focused upon the situation that the desired information is inevitable. Often, that information is already known and I am there merely for confirmation. His guides or higher self may be seeking to relay to the client that information, but the client is unsure and has doubts. Often, in readings such as this, I will refer to thoughts and images which appear to me as part of the client’s awareness; or I may indicate knowledge of dreams, visions and communications from others concerning these matters which will have been a recent part of the client’s experience.
  2. At some level, I may be already matching some energy in the client’s system; or I may in my natural state, vibrate to a frequency similar to that which is normal for the client. In either case, this synchronicity both enhances a reading and has the capacity to make it easier. I will at another time and location publish information on the situations of this circumstance as they relate to some of the material which I teach. For the minute, let us say that I am able to match the crown chakra and other frequencies, the effect of which may bring about clairvoyant readings of the aura and chakras.

While I do not generally offer simply clairvoyant readings, they sometimes occur spontaneously. And my belief is that this is more likely to happen for other reasons when I am especially relaxed and comfortable. I think it will be somewhat helpful to explain terms somewhat, so I will give just a brief explanation here.

  1. Vibrating at a similar frequency means that there is either some similarity to the client astrologically or some sympathy with the client by virtue of similar ideology or temperament. More on this will be presented in articles on this site pertaining to alchemy. Greater detail will be given in the Alchemy workshops and study groups which are currently in planning.  
  2. The matching of energies relate to the colors in the energy system, generally of the crown for the purpose of reading the aura and chakras or giving information from the client’s guides.

As part of the services which I currently offer, I often do readings based on photographs which people bring to me. These readings, which are based on the energies which are captured in these pictures, are examples of the type of clairvoyance used in psychometry. I also have some experience in reading other objects including plants and places psychometrically, though I do not generally offer this service at present. I feel that I have yet more work, study and experimentation to do before this becomes a regular part of my offerings.

In my studies of energy awareness the human energy system is included, beginning with my own, which I continually study and learn to evaluate and affect for the purposes of self-healing and understanding. Working with my aura and chakras while learning to regulate their energies and to clear blockages, I become more open to seeing clearly into seeing into the energies of others as well.

In one system of study I have been told, and by observation have come to understand, that we are almost constantly reading one another. This usually being a subconscious activity, it nevertheless informs our interactions and relationships. Greater understanding of my unconscious perceptions and also better understanding of myself and my relationships allows me to be more fully conscious when reading the energies of others when called upon to do so. After a number of years in this work, I am now able to also help others in learning to understand and work with their body energies. Having taught this work, my ability to see other’s energies has been validated by various students when I have addressed the blocks affecting their assimilation of this subject matter. Thus, through study, practice and even teaching this material, I am developing greater skill and confidence in interpreting the energies, symbols and images within the energy system of my clients. This continually increases my ability to provided useful information on the subject of inquiry.

At this point, I want to consider clairvoyance given in a context beyond readings. For some, the most important work that I do relates to my healing practice. The operation of clairvoyance as relates to my healing work is further explained in the article on Spiritual Healing. At present, I should indicate that when working with an individual, I will observe the reception of energies and the qualities thereof to receive an understanding of conditions relating to the physical, mental and spiritual health. Also, this information may be brought forth when a client having a reading desires that it be directed to issues of health.

I have stated here and elsewhere that I offer instruction on psychic development and the operation of clairvoyance. As the various intuitive processes are a natural part of life, a better understanding of them would appreciably increase our success and well being. However, we have been socialized and immunized against them. This is most unfortunate as the awareness they bring can enrich our lives and bring us greater happiness.

At this time, good intuitive skills and awareness may be vitally important to our current stage of development and survival. We are currently presented with many difficult questions in all areas of life and a new paradigm is needed to find satisfactory answers. We can no longer look outside ourselves for answers as the important questions concern what is inside us. Each person must accept responsibility for his or her life matters and so, should be equipped to understand not only the answers, but also the questions. While I am able to answer many questions, my goal is to empower others in their search: to be able to look within and find these questions and answers while reach for self-fulfillment and growth.

Please fee free to contact me with any questions or requests for service.


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