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Energy & Spiritual Healing

What does it mean to heal?
What does it mean to heal? This is an age old question with many answers and perspectives. Ideas on this question have changed over the years and have varied according to time, location and culture. Today this question is rife with social, medical, legal and also personal ramifications. As our goal is to clear up any confusion, let us say that the administration of healing energies and techniques does not present a cure and should not be considered as a substitute for necessary medical treatment.

The fact is that any healing work or psychic investigation into oneís state of health and well-being is a tool which may be used to support whatever medical care is required, or as an aid in preparing for communication with licensed medical personnel. Therefore any work which I do as concerns a clientís health is accompanied by some commentary concerning the clientís well-being. This is framed by my view of the clientís energy system and my awareness of the energy drawn by the body during treatment. During a session, much the same as in a reading, I may refer to the layers of the aura or to the chakra system. I may also refer to attitudes, environment or spiritual and energetic balances as may be affecting oneís health. While concentrating on these aspects, I will usually refer to symptoms which seem to present themselves to my awareness so as to give an assessment as to what they may portend. Doing this, I may often make reference to different energies and also body systems and organs which may be involved in any imbalance.

I am not a medical practitioner
As I am not a medical practitioner and cannot make any actual medical diagnosis, what I do is to access the bodyís wisdom and encourage the client to trust his/her own true awareness thereof. We should all be responsible for our own health and well-being, but there are times when we need help, as from a qualified medical practitioner to whom we should report any problems we may have.

But sometimes we forget, or make light of our symptoms: or perhaps, out of fear, we are afraid to report them and wish to avoid knowing just how close we may be to the end. So we try to wish away or ignore that which we fear. Then the stress caused by these fears may cause even more problems and symptoms. We have all done this at one time or another; but for some of us, this is the only way to deal with a possible health problem. It is at this point that, in senseless despair or a foolish show of bravery, many people do nothing. There are others, however, who may consult a spiritual healer for that miracle cure.

There is bad news in that miracles have rules and one must be responsible for oneís own well-being. If a client is not doing what can or should be done, then a spiritual healer may be limited by the attitudes and energies of the client. Also, I must reiterate, I am not a doctor. It may be that I may aid the body in coming into its own curative state, but perhaps not. I, like all who practice spiritual healing, have limits which I must respect; and I would ask the same respect for these limits from my clients as well. Again, I do not say that miracles do not happen, but that there are rules which must be observed. The body is its own best healer; I may access and encourage its wisdom in encouraging a renewal of wholeness within its systems, but beyond that I can go no further as I must observe and also respect spiritual and legal limits on my practice.

There is, however, also good news. Generally people seeking a miracle are not nearly as sick or imbalanced as they fear. Therefore, barring accidents, they should be able to overcome many problems and symptoms by the application of lifestyle changes and adjustments. To bring about these miracles, I may offer suggestions, of which some of the more important follow:

  1. Get more rest and adjust eating habits as may be necessary.
  2. Drink more water or otherwise adjust fluid intake. (Many problems including some serious medical conditions can be prevented or improved upon by the proper intake of fluids, especially water.)
  3. Find time for relaxation Ė possibly meditation as it has been shown to offer much in relaxing the body, mind and spirit.
  4. Take time for recreation. All work and no play not only makes Jack a dull boy, but also a very stressed neurotic if he is not careful.
  5. Be aware that that your spiritual well being must also be attended to. This is important for proper mental and emotional balance. As such, it may by several means affect your physical well being.
  6. Take advantage of alternative or complimentary therapies. I highly recommend the energy and other techniques which I and others practice. I also may recommend developmental classes and workshops to empower you in taking charge of your energy system.

Often, by following these suggestions, one may find that most problems are alleviated. Many symptoms may arise out of stresses caused by lack of rest, unreasonable diets and undue or ignored worry. Often headaches and other symptoms are caused by feelings of guilt, inadequacy or personal failure. When I have had follow up consultations, I have often had cause to acknowledge the effects of dealing with these issues.

However, I do often encourage clients to take further action. Often from the outset I may strongly suggest a more traditional and seemingly drastic approach together with other suggestions. This is especially true when symptoms have been previously undisclosed to medical practitioners, or when one has had no contact with said practitioner for an unreasonable period. Following are these additional suggestions:

  1. Contact a qualified medical practitioner or make oneís regular physician aware of the troubling symptoms which have previously gone unreported.
  2. Schedule a complete physical examination. Again, ask the physician about unresolved problems and, if necessary, ask for more tests or a second opinion.
  3. Seek counseling and/or therapy for stress and other mental health issues. These may include family, social and other personal issues.
  4. Seek professional advice and help for whatever issues may be causing or aggravating other stresses of mind and body. Here financial and legal matters may be considered.
  5. Join a health club, social group or some other association for support in any other department of life which may be of concern or interest. The benefits from this may carry over into several otherwise unrelated areas by enlarging your support in social and professional areas.

In all this, I consider that health is a multidimensional pursuit as we are all multidimensional beings. Indeed, true health is brought about not merely by medical interventions, therapies and surgeries; it includes more than the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements, herbal or otherwise; it requires not only proper diet, rest, exercise and water; but it also involves our relationships and attitudes. And these attitudes are not merely our own, but also those of our associates, friends and families. In short, by all means we should seek to evaluate and adjust our total environment for the promotion of proper health. To be sure, true health is wholeness in every area of oneís life: in body mind, spirit, activities, and indeed, throughout oneís total experience and environment.

Apart from any advice I might offer based on my understanding of the clientís energies as I see them, I provide energy treatments which are intended to supplement, support and enliven the physical, mental and spiritual health. Theses energy treatments may help one to capitalize on any positive changes that may be undertaken. They may help in balancing feelings and emotions in stressful situations. And they can be a beneficial compliment when dealing with intense medical therapies. Much work and study have been done on the value of non-traditional therapies. Resulting from this, there are currently many medical centers and practices in which energy practitioners work in some degree of cooperation with traditional members of the medical profession.

It is my opinion that we are undergoing a more profound paradigm shift than most people believe. As our experience and research moves us ever forward into the future, alternative therapies, energy therapies in particular, will become ever more important and advance into becoming part of standard medical practice. I look forward to taking part in this evolution as I advance my awareness and skills in this arena. Perhaps my work will in time provide more data for those researching the phenomena of energy healing and other alternative therapies.

In the meantime, I will continue to learn and develop my skills. Please read further to learn about the particular modalities with which I work. Also feel free to contact me for more information.

Healing energies may be offered using the Usui System of Drugless Healing, or "Reiki", or by the "Aura Awareness" system as taught by John Friedlander.
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