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    Blanchard Nash
    (513) 861-1695
    (513) 368-2984
    P.O. Box 781
    Ohio 45201
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    Readings and healing work available at shows, expositions and parties.  Also available at:

    My Life Direction, 10921 Reed Hartman Hwy, Suite 114, Blue Ash , OH  45242 [map]

    Please call Blanchard at (513) 861-1695 or (513)368-2984 for an appointment. 

    • Tarot Card Readings
      The tarot decks which I use most often are the Brotherhood of Light Authentic Egyptian Tarot Deck and the Gill Deck
    • Soul Card Readings
      I also do readings with the Soul Cards in which I have combined the two exising decks. Soul Cards contain pictures which stimulate the intuition, but unlike tarot, they are not divided into suits, nor are they numbered. The beginning of this reading contains numerological information based on the number of cards picked.
    • Moonstone Readings
      Moonstones are multicolored pieces in acrylic created by Jennings Ray of Dry Ridge, KY. These are read according to the animal totems which they represent and/or the color patterns which they exhibit. The first information relates to the number of stones chosen by the client.
    • Clairvoyant Readings
      Clairvoyance may be in response to questions asked or may be in the form of readings of the clients energy field (chakras and/or aura). Also, readings may be done by psychometry, especailly the reading of pictures.
    • Healing Energies
      Healing energies may be offered using the Usui System of Drugless Healing, or "Reiki", or by the "Aura Awareness" system as taught by John Friedlander. 

    • Reiki
      Usui System of Drugless Healing

    • Medicine Wheel
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